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Fall is upon us and we are more excited than ever to jump into the leaves and enjoy the cooler weather with friends. With so many fun holidays coming up, we wanted to give you the resources you need for another perfectly gluten-free season.

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Schar's tasty Frozen Hearty Bread is the perfect addition to your seasonal dishes and, of course, sandwiches! It's baked with millet and quinoa, delicious ancient grains packed with nutrients.

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Blogger of the Week

Meet Chef Sarah Green, Our Gluten-Free Recipe Resource

Join Schar’s talented gluten-free chef Sarah in our new series of online recipe videos. Our new web series, Gluten-Free Cooking with Schar featuring, Culinary Institute of America-trained, Chef Sarah Green, is full of amazing creations you can make at home this fall season.

Mediterranean Bread Pudding

Most people are familiar with sweet bread pudding, but the warm flavors of fall perfectly highlight Schar’s European flair. This bread pudding is a tasty treat any time of day and is guaranteed to wow your guests.

5 Reasons to Try Millet

5 Reasons to Try Millet

Want the skinny on millet? It’s gluten-free and loaded with vitamins and minerals! See this and other useful, gluten-free infographics here. And don’t forget to try out our new line of Bontà d’Italia Gluten-Free Pasta, made with millet and other healthy ingredients.


Spice Things Up

This summer turn your barbeque into a Schar-beque by adding some of these gluten-free herbs and spices to your favorite backyard meal.


Tips & Tricks

Enjoying a Gluten-Free Summer

Summertime is vacation time, but it’s no picnic trying to stay gluten-free away from home. Luckily, we have everything you need to help maintain a gluten-free diet on the road, in the air, and around the world. Let Schar be your GPS for safe, secure, gluten-free travel.

Flying Gluten-Free Gluten Free Roads Summer Worthy Recipes

Schar teams up with the Gluten Detective Camp

Gluten Detective Camp

Schar recently joined forces with the Gluten Detective Camp in Bloomington MN. This fun camp provides children ages 5-12 with an opportunity to learn important social coping skills for dealing with a gluten-free life. Why did we participate? Because we care! Find out more about the camp here!

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